Monday, 15 December 2014

In Your Eyes

In a church made of wood from generations long since passed – alone I take my first steps towards the cathedral. This house of God smells like pine, the floors crack from the weight of my unforgiven sins. The sunlight has faded, and in its place are hundreds of candles breaking the darkness with flickering warm yellow light.
I should be scared. I should need to take a deep breath. Instead, calm and peace are words that can best describe.
She won me over, which isn’t an easy thing to do. Naturally creative and complicated, she saw right through me, laughing at my every line. Showing enough to keep me interested, but too little to think I stood a chance – she had me devotedly captivated.
Then one night, something changed. At the same place we’ve had drinks a million times before; there was a different energy in the air. She looked at me just a little longer, sat next to me a little closer. She had finally given in. I didn’t walk her to her car, instead we walked towards mine. When lips finally met, I knew I had just signed a contract that I could never break. I’m going to be a man now and I’m going to grow the fuck up, because logging onto Facebook three years down the road and seeing that she’s moved on with someone else is not an option.
Stained glass windows to my side, a cross at my back, the flickering candles reflecting in the eyes of those who have come to bear witness to a commitment they never thought I would make.

The music begins. My heart hits the floor.
The crowd stands – this is it.
Before me now, walking through an old wooden door, is the most elegant spirit I have ever seen. Our eyes meet. She’s nervous not from the occasion, but from the attention now firmly glued to her every step. The spotlight is hers alone and for the first time, I’m happy to watch someone else enjoy it.
We met when we did, and not a second before, because our journey to each other was not yet complete. We both still needed to become the people we are today. Lessons had to be learned; mistakes with others had to be made.
I let you in so easily, it was as if you had a key. I couldn’t imagine my life without you, in fact, I’m not even going to try to.
You are the perfect storm, my drug, my muse. How long this story goes on for, nobody knows. Every word written from here on in was inspired by you.
I found what I did not realize I was looking for, having sold my soul to the devil for the verity of life, now I realize all I should have asked for was you.
When I’m brash with my words, or have something foolish to say, you roll your eyes. I know you’re wondering, ‘Why did I choose him?’, and frankly, I’m thinking the same.
Two souls have finally found their way home. In past lives and in future ones still to come, the only thing I will seek is you.
So, as we turn to face those who came here to be a part of today and our tomorrows, know that these three words are all I need to say: I love you.

- Based on a day I hope one day comes