Tuesday, 18 August 2015


I wonder if they knew, and that’s why the song has no chorus. Or if they realized they had created something that would stand the test of time. Stomach empty, caffeine and Adderall buzz in full effect, while thinking about her, I sit down hoping that today I might write my stairway to heaven.
To be born a writer is the only way you can become one. Like musicians, the ones that matter, the ones that will be remembered, all are self-taught.
Writing is a virus that consumes the mind. It’s a sickness of self-expression that, when done right, can bring a tear to an eye and a crowd to its feet.
I’ve waxed poetic about my grandfather and how I believe that I get this from him, but looking back now, I can remember my mom’s bedside table stacked with journals filled with words that she had written. So then I guess I got this from her, and she from him.
I know one day I’ll walk into my kitchen and see my son sitting at the table, scribbling poems for cute girls while his science homework goes untouched. When that day happens, I’ll crack a smile before sitting down and passing on a few notes.
If I haven’t been plagiarized yet, then I hope I am soon, so long as the guilty party is a man who is looking to impress. I hope that my words lead to a kiss, a sunset, a fade to fucking black. Who am I kidding? I just hope my words help this poor bastard get laid.
Put a few motivating words together in a meme, and you might get a few Instagram likes. String together a poem that is honest, un-pretentious and occasionally rhymes, and you might change a life.
I’ve shared a lot of words over the last ten months – words that have helped gain me a few fans, and keep a few enemies.
In the end, I’m proud of every word that I’ve shared, though they’re not the ones that matter the most. Those words are reserved only for an audience of one.
When my last day here is over, and the first one without me begins, I will be at peace knowing she will always carry the most important part of me - my private words, written about our story and how much she meant to me.
Te Amo
- Jeff Moore