Monday, 11 May 2015

I’m not cocky, I’m confident.

Of all the combinations of words that can be strung together, no two are more freeing than an honest ‘fuck you’!
If you’re just reading me for the first time, then welcome to the show. Here are a few things about me that you should know moving forward. I like profanity, Adderall, and girls that wake up in my bed still wearing their dress from the night before. I’ve been accused of being too brash, reckless, and a little rough around the edges, especially when telling it exactly how it is. I’m a confident little bastard, but never mistake my confidence with being cocky.
Cockiness is a disguise that the weak love to hide their insecurities behind. Like a wounded defenseless animal, cockiness is a front to keep predators at bay.
Confidence is the very opposite of cocky. It’s a mental moxie that’s impossible to fake. Confidence is belief in oneself created as a consequence by living up to the mental image of who we believe we are capable of becoming, by living up to the words we speak and keeping the promises we make to ourselves.
Don’t say that it’s over and then go right back. It kills your brand, weakens your words, and limits your own beliefs. When you say it’s over, mean that shit. Show yourself some damn self-respect and the universe will follow suit.
Say no and mean it. Don’t waiver, show weakness, or use a thousand words when you only need two. And when they try to guilt you, and believe me they will, don’t let them. It’s really that simple. You’re in charge of your emotions and can only feel guilty by relinquishing control.
Always be honest, no matter how difficult or awkward the conversation. It’s true that you may hurt them, but always remember that pain from honesty heals quick, clean, and allows for closure. Whereas pain from lies and mistrust leave behind a burn and scar, and will be something that you will both carry with you.
This has been my code to life, and I couldn’t imagine living it any other way. When you live by this code, you become authentic, and when you become authentic, you become a commodity that’s in high demand.
In closing, and keeping with today’s theme about meaning what you say and saying what you mean, here is my promise to the competition. Perhaps this would be considered my threat. I’m chasing thrones muthafuckas! That means I’m coming for your top spot! If you haven’t started already, you had better start checking over your shoulder now. I already know I’m the greatest at what I do, and trust me, very soon, so will you.