Monday, 5 January 2015

Yellow Brick Road

I caught lightning in a bottle, and sealed that shit up quick. For once, my life is all starting to make sense. A thousand mistakes between who I was then, and who I am now; a million more standing in the way of who I will become.
It took a long time for me to get here, so many half-hearted starts and stops.
My bedroom wall covered in yellow post-it notes displaying other people’s quotes, on the floor are journals littered in poetry not good enough for anyone to see.
I hope your life is marked with passion, because mine has taken me over, I have lost all control.
It all goes back to a decision, which leads to another, which led to this. Decisions are life’s little forks in the road.
Nothing just happens. This isn’t a comic book. A spider isn’t going to bite you, turning your dull life into something else.
I’m sitting where I am, writing these words because where I am is as good as I have decided to be. That’s about to change. 
We are a miracle of evolution, the greatest comeback story ever told.
Millions of years ago, our ancestors walked the African plains. Long grass brushing against them, spear in their hand, some of that person is still in you today.
That’s why we cry and cheer when the underdog wins. A part of us remembers what it took to get here. To sit on top of the food chain. 
The cream is supposed to rise to the top because the weak are supposed to get crushed.
When did that stop?
Now, the weak are valued, given ribbons for nothing and told they are great at everything.

But are they?
We are creating an army of the self-entitled and average, and because of this, I’m scared.
If you want to be average, here is a list on how:
1. Stop making decisions for yourself and listen to everyone else.
2. Choose a ‘safe career’ with no passion, but that has a nice pension.
3. Marry someone that you tolerate.
4. Teach your kids the same and control them, never let them flap their own wings.
Not making a move, not trusting your gut, is messing the whole system up. That’s why you need to trust and listen to that little voice inside.
When your ancestors felt the hair on the back of their necks stand up, they didn’t question or argue it. They trusted that something inside them that said they need to move NOW. So listen, act, and move quick before opportunity is missed.