Friday, 14 November 2014

Soulmates... based on a true story.

A sudden look up from a half empty glass of wine. 

That's it, that's how the story begins. 

It's an innocent action, an attempt to escape the boredom of the conversation you are currently in. When, suddenly, eyes meet. 

It’s nothing more than a passing glance but it creates a sudden shock to the system. A shock that feels more like impending doom than a romantic love letter. It's the calamity of the situation that sparks the doom, a certain fear that now whispers in your ear; Are you ready? 

This is the moment you have dreamt about. The moment that every bedtime story has promised you. Without words ever being exchanged, an unexpected glance has led to an unspoken bond with someone who up until now, did not exist. 

So why are you scared? 

It’s what you have always wanted isn't it? It’s an exchange of passion and lust. It’s the sexually charged pulling of the hair or a bite to the neck. Thirsts that can only be quenched by the excitement, desire and sensuality of a touch from someone you don't know. In one moment this person has become the muse for every deprived moment of sexual desire. The longing that has existed quietly inside you, dying to be heard. 

Sweat trickles down your palm; you are both here with someone else. Will you leave the same way? An introduction occurs yet to the rest of the world, it simply appears as two strangers exchanging pleasantries. 

They are blind to the moment. 

Fate has stepped in. Call it karmic justice or a divine rapture. This morning as you awoke and wiped the sleep from your eyes, today seemed like any other day. Now, you are ultimately aware that it is not.  

A question crosses your mind, who else is privy to the secret that you and this stranger of serendipitous fate now share?  

When suddenly, like a meteor crashing in from the night sky, something happens. They are pulled away and forced to move in another direction. They take their first steps away from you. A sudden dizziness takes over. No longer is it the fear of the moment that has caused chaos. Now, it is the thought of losing something that never actually existed. Fear and panic strike. 

If you don't do something right now, you will lose it all and be left with one question. This question will haunt your brain as you stare at the ceiling every night before closing your eyes. No matter who you are being intimate with in your life, this question will rob you of any emotional or sexual connection.
That question-- what if? 

Love is kind yet it does not have patience. It can arrive at a conclusion without ever asking a question. The point of this blog is a simple reminder to not allow an opportunity with love to pass. 
Make your move.