Tuesday, 28 October 2014

“Ex’s are just people that we have decided to stop fucking. “ - Jeff Moore

A story about moving on...

Pam is a gem and a rocket, a fucking 10 out of 10, and is as smart and beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Pam has just graduated from college and has recently landed a job in her desired career field. Everything in Pam’s life seems to be moving in the right direction.  Everything, that is, except for one thing… Pam is still driving the car she bought in high school. 

Pam has been thinking about upgrading from her car for quite a while now. There just always seemed to been a reason for Pam to believe that the timing is not right.
Holidays, exams, life trials and tribulations- you name it.  Pam seems to always find an excuse to just keep on keeping on with that piece of shit car. 

It’s not that Pam’s car is poor intentioned or a bad car on purpose... It’s just that Pam’s car is still acting like it did when she first bought it in high school. The Car cannot keep up with Pam’s new lifestyle and goals. Pam wants to start a family, and go on new adventures, and she sure as hell  can’t do that when driving a two-seater with bad gas mileage.  So on a Tuesday night not unlike any other Tuesday night, Pam rips the band off and begins looking for a new set of wheels. This is exactly what Pam needed.  

Pam takes her time and does not just jump into the next set of wheels that crosses her path.  After all, her mama raised her better then that! Slowly she begins taking new cars out for test drives.  Heck, she even test drives a Black SUV, which is not something she ever thought she would do, but damn it- she wanted to see what all the hype about size was!  In the end, she selects the car that is just right for her. It has plenty of room to seat a growing family and aligns well with her new life. 

There is just one problem. Although Pam has clearly moved on, she has not been able to completely let go of her old car. She still cares for it, and worries about what will happen to it when she is not there to protect it. Instead of selling it, or worst yet, bringing it to the dump, Pam instead decides to park it in her drive way.

Every morning as she pulls out of the drive way, Pam and her old car pass each other (this is also why you should not fall in love with a company vehicle).  Pam, in her car with all the bells and whistles, and her old car just sitting there leaking oil.
Occasionally when this happens, Pam cannot help but wonder… what if she had just tried harder?  What if, instead of buying this new car, she had instead sunk more money and time into her old car?  She loves her new car, but it doesn't share the same history as the old one does.  The new car seats are still adjusting to her body and bumpy roads just don't feel the same. 

What Pam is refusing to see is that her relationship with her old car died because the person that she is today, is beyond the person she would have to be to stay driving that piece of shit. The only way Pam will ever truly enjoy her new, reliable, family ready car, is to finally say goodbye to the past. 
Moving on is tough, and for some, the idea of being alone for any amount of time is far scarier then dealing with a relationship going nowhere. 

A dear old friend of mine (old in the literal sense- he is, like, seventy two), reminds me constantly that everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end; and that that awful song, Closing Time, does indeed have that single redeeming lyric, that:  “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Trust me, ladies, no man wants to date the girl who is still homies with the guy that used to feed her the D on the regular. Chaos is change trying to manifest in a life. 
Don't be a Pam.  Don't hold onto the past.  Don’t miss out on how great your new future can be. Ditch the fucking ex