Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Your life is a gift; its glory and failure belong only to you. Don't let it be controlled by anyone else. 

Nothing can change the already-spilled ink on the pages of your past. Take time to breathe and accept all that has been.

Be wary of gossiping crows. Every word you speak in confidence will end up in the ear of someone else.

Don't become average and lead a mediocre plastic existence.

To escape the clutches of ordinary you must develop a strength not forged from doing push-ups or lifting heavy rocks. It is a mental
toughness, discovered only after enduring tears, failure, and time spent alone questioning over and over, "Should I give up?"

There is much to do and significantly less time than you think; your first opportunity will show up the very second you start to believe.

Endure, mother fucker, endure, there is no other way.