Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hello from across the bar

I think I saw you first, or at least that’s how you played it. The sight of you sent a shockwave through my body, causing my hand to shake while reaching for my drink.

I had to look away.

I spent the next few moments trying to pay attention to my friends who were sharing stories about the shit we got into as kids. All while my mind and heart played a game of tug-of-war, my heart winning quickly, as it so often does.

Slowly my eyes returned to the place where you stood. Standing there now, however, was a blonde wearing an unintentionally flirtatious smile and an intentionally short skirt.

‘Another round’ yells a buddy. Fuck, who am I to argue, let’s make tonight count.

I had almost forgotten you were there. I think I had convinced myself that you had left. I smashed the shot of whiskey, took in a long breath to cool the heat it left behind, then received a light elbow jab to the ribs as my buddy leaned in and whispered ‘Mooresy, take a look across the bar.’

There you were, looking at me the way you always did.

You’ve changed a lot since I last saw you. But that look, that look still feels the same.

It’s amazing how the world can just suddenly stop. Loud music turns to white noise, and the crowds of people that surround us become the wallpaper to our suddenly empty room.

We met in the middle, joined hands, and then hugged. I started to whisper something, but you interrupted before I could finish, touching the back of my head and saying, ‘I know.’

We held each other tightly while the noise slowly returned and the walls began to move, doing our best to stay there together as long as we could.

I recognized him immediately from some pictures you had posted. He reached over your shoulder, grabbing one of the two drinks you had just ordered.

I didn’t want to come tonight, but now I’m happy I did. I think we both recognized tonight that we were one another’s’ “one that got away”. I hope you’re happy with him, and that he treats you right. I on the other hand, need to find that girl with the intentionally short skirt.