Monday, 1 June 2015

Time is Ticking

Good morning, and welcome to the latest addition of the Jeff Moore Blog. I think it’s sexy that you’re reading this – unless you’re a dude or family, in which case a simple fist pump to literacy will do.
I’ve grown very bored of listening to the scared speak about how the sky is falling. The world moves fast, my friend, faster today than yesterday, quicker tomorrow than today. You’ve done this to yourself by refusing to evolve. The sky isn’t falling, but I can see how you might think it is.
We’re getting soft, becoming way too concerned with offending other people, and in doing so, we’ve begun to compromise the truth. We no longer say what needs to be said or do what needs to be done.
You’re a grown ass man, don’t address me in that snotty little voice, don't tell me that you wish you had more time to get stuff done – we both get 24 hours. I was at it at 5 a.m. this morning while you lie asleep in your bed, under your parents’ roof, still a few hours removed from the battle with the snooze.
There are people dealing with things that make your worst day look like a picnic, and they still somehow get shit done. Diamonds come from pressure. Little bitches come from coddling. Tell me which one you’re becoming?
To the broken-hearted who are struggling to move on, here is some advice my Grandmother once told me.
You get a day, one full day, to feel sorry for yourself. One day to eat ice cream, or drink it away. One day to do whatever it is you need to do: cry, get angry, bitch and complain. Do whatever self-loathing it is you need to do. When the alarm goes off the next morning however, all that shit stops, because one day can become two, two days can become a week, and a week can become a month. I think you can see how the pattern goes on. Get up, face the day, and own it. Take a shower, put on your nicest clothes, and hold your head up high. When you do this, something very special happens that no words can describe.
When you refuse to be crushed, when you don’t give the people who love to gossip shit to talk about, when you refuse to be defined by a person, thing, or event, and for the first time you actually believe in yourself, the whole world changes right in front of your eyes.
In life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you believe you’re worth, and it’s hard to believe you deserve great when you’re worried about good.