Friday, 21 November 2014

Me and My Sharp Tongue...

No love letters today.  No whispering of sweet nothings in your ear; instead, the return of my sharp tongue.
This morning I awoke to one thought that quickly became a stir of echoes more powerful than the snooze button.  Repetitive words and phrases clouded my head and all came to the same conclusion: You are going to die and if you don’t do something brash, something authentic, no one will ever remember your name.
If this does not scare the shit out of you, as it did me, then do yourself a favour and stop reading immediately because this blog is not for you.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Everybody wants something.  Don’t be a fool about this.  Don’t be the sucker holding his hands up to God asking, “why me?”  Don’t be the misguided victim blaming others for his own fate.  We are humans, we are not tender-hearted – We are self-centered, self-serving fucks.
This is not a doomsday letter, though I suppose it sounds like one.  Instead, a reality check: A chance to clear the mind of fog and for once see things as they really are.  The words ‘if only’, a favourite saying of the disillusioned: words spoken by those inclined to believe in fairy tales.  ‘If only’, my love, does not exist.
I’m not amoral.  I’m certainly not conscious of guilt.  I’m made up of complete ambiguity.  I’m not going to apologize for being the person I am, nor will I apologize for my opportunistic ways.  I do not judge.  I do not care.  Because of this, I am free.
Success belongs to the cunning, the brave, and the ones not afraid to be brash.
I want what I want out of life, so please do not get in my way.
Tony Montana: “Me, I want what’s coming to me.”
Manny: “Oh well…what’s coming to you?”
Tony Montana: “The world, Chico, and everything in it.”
Taken from Scarface (1983)
The moral of the story, tied up in a neat little fucking bow, is: Be brave, be selfish, and be all that you are capable of being, and perhaps a little more.  Life is short and not always kind.  Do not wallow; use pain as a motivator and not as a reason to sleep in.
Sleep is for people who would rather dream than create a memory.
I am certain some will read more words of being guilt-free and opportunistic and miss the whole fucking point.  The point is this: all of your teachers and parents have lied to you.  They have told you that it is better to be a person who is selfless and gives than to be the one who takes.  Do not believe or subscribe to this.  All great creations and movements started with one person who became selfish with their time, who did not worry or fret about the opinions of others.
When I say be selfish, when I say be brash, what I mean is…
For once in your fucking life, listen to that little voice inside you and do what it says.  Jump, take a risk, and most importantly, believe in yourself.
Do not be controlled by your parents, teachers or lovers.  Be controlled by yourself.  Make your fucking move.  The world will thank you for it.